Redefine Possibilities

Experience Breakthroughs with Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching

This program is fully customised one-on-one Integral Coaching designed for professionals who want to discover more significant insights of themselves, find liberation from their current limiting beliefs, unlock unrealised potentials, and become a fuller, freer, and more capable person.

She coaches professionals who feel stuck, frustrated, and unfulfilled to expand their capacities and create greater impacts in the areas that matter most to them despite the vicious cycle of their work and life. As a result, they became more independent conscious leaders through lasting transformation, living a fulfilled and purposeful life.

For those who dreamt about being the best possible version of themselves but not exactly sure how to go about it, this coaching can help them to uncover the raw truth of who they are at the core, bring out their untapped true self and authenticity, open up to new possibilities so that they can achieve the desired outcomes.



  • Getting a clear understanding of the coaching topic
  • What you desire to accomplish
  • Why it deeply matters to you


  • Clarify coaching objective and the desired outcomes
  • Explore and collaboratively work together to illuminate aspects of your Current State of Being in the topic; honour aspects of the current state that is allowed for and acknowledge limits of the current state that has to close down
  • Co-create with you and offer enablers of your New State of Being that you feel right, which will open up to new possibilities and fulfilment of the desired outcomes
  • Discuss your Developmental Objectives, Development Plan and key capabilities (muscles) that you need to build
  • Offer and agree on Coaching Program
  • Offer 1st Developmental Practice


  • Select developmental objectives to focus on
  • Identify specific capabilities (muscles) to focus on and build on
  • Mutually agree on developmental practices and exercises to build new capabilities (muscles)
  • Illuminate aspects of your Current and New Way in the practices and exercises – Include & Transcend Development
  • Review progress. Explore what you have experienced, your insights and key learnings from the practices and exercises


  • Clarify and analyse what you have achieved
  • Identify specific achievements in the Coaching Program
  • Offer additional recommendations to manage future challenges and ensure continued success
  • Express Appreciation, Gratitude, and Celebrate!

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