The Elite Mentorship Forum Lite Experience is a simple-to-engage 6-week online course with additional active learning on weekly group zoom sessions provided by your Trainer, Sabina Shahabudin Sidhu.

The course delivers a never-to-be-forgotten “Taste of Transformation” showing you how life CAN BE FOR YOU.

The course, along with the group zoom sessions where you are learning with the support and connection of your Peer Group, provide you with the key tools that lead you to take concrete actions where you start applying what you have learned, helping you to create a life you love.

Are you longing to have the freedom to create the life you love?

Are you thinking about investing some time and money into Creating The Future Life And Career You Have Always Dreamed Of? Keep Reading if so….

Most people spend significantly more time and money planning their wedding and even their holiday than on how they want to live the rest of their lives.

Many people live an average life, with an average income and lifestyle, accepting the guidelines set by society, family, school, and the current environment. However, there are some who are searching for something different and are not willing and content with living this way anymore…


  • There is more to life than just the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual repetition of the same old routine.
  • There is an alternative path to take instead of “following the footsteps” that have been set for them.
  • There is a huge opportunity and possibility for a major change and transformation to a more comfortable life and simpler way of “being”.
  • It takes a small investment and an “I’M IN” attitude is all needed to open their life to more than before.
  • The magic is real!

Content with great depth for lasting transformation

This EMF-Lite Experience is developed specifically to provide a ‘Taste’ of EMF – the world-renowned Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) Personal Transformation and Self Development course created and developed by International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Human Behaviour Expert, Peter Sage.

The full 27-week Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) program is designed to cover all aspects of human behaviour.

It delves deeply into how our human psychology is shaped by our way of life. The program also addresses how we are conditioned to accept a singular way of living without questioning it.

The program provides valuable tools and exceptional resources to learn how to live more freely and consciously than we ever thought possible. For those who trust the process and put in the effort to do the work, the program guarantees a complete transformation from old limiting beliefs and self-sabotage to becoming who we truly aspire to be.


  • Achieving financial stability and welcoming abundance and good health into one’s life.
  • Waking up with a positive attitude towards the day and experiencing positive changes in every aspect of life.
  • Adopting new and positive habits to accomplish life goals and enhance self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Trust in one’s leadership abilities and create a meaningful and fulfilling career.
  • Learning to deal with work-life crises mindfully and mastering emotional control.
  • Overcoming procrastination and self-sabotage and taking the next step with confidence.
  • Overcoming any obstacles, fears, or restrictions that have consistently held individuals back.
  • Taking control of one’s mental state, emotions, and physical health in order to perform at peak performance at any given moment.
  • Discovering individual unique talents and passions and utilizing them to find meaning in personal and professional life.
  • Achieving a sense of freedom and flow will allow people to become the best version of themselves – vibrant, loving, and confident, free from stress, limitations, and self-doubt.

Growing and sharing with like-minded people moving in the same direction

EMF-Lite Experience, therefore, includes two of the most effective modules from the Foundational Phase 1 of the three-phase EMF program: Wealth & Abundance and Mastering Emotions.

These impactful modules have been specially chosen due to their proven significant and powerful transformational influence on participants’ lives. The experience has given rise to testimonials such as “I have more than received value for my money and I am only a third of the way through this amazing course!”

Just the content from these two modules alone provides an insightful and compelling overview of the transformational power of the entire EMF program.

In addition, and as a bonus (now synonymous with the style through which Peter works), three additional sections providing a further 160 minutes of content from the ‘Two Days with Peter Sage’ workshop filmed in 2021, covering the Seven Cards Exercise, I Am Workshop and Q & A session with the audience.

Mutual accountability for lasting transformation for all

Wealth and abundance

Achieving prosperity

You will eliminate your limiting beliefs about money. You’ll use powerful principles and exercises to start creating more abundance immediately.

Mastering emotions

The key to living life on your own terms

Controlling emotional reactions is the main difference between people who live at the level of causes and those who live at the level of effects. In this module, you’ll learn techniques to instantly defuse negative emotions and transform old negative emotional “buttons” (susceptibility to provocation), so they never sabotage you again.

Proof You Are Making The Best Decision Of Your Life………

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