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Elite Mentorship Forum
Learn A World-Class Transformative Personal Growth Program

EMF is a comprehensive six month program designed for you to breakthrough any personal limitations holding you back. Take this journey with an amazing like-minded peer group that will inspire true growth and success. Over 27 weeks, you will learn the most powerful life-changing knowledge to create lasting transformation. You will unlock your fullest potential and live at a higher, deeply fulfilling level.


The Elite Mentorship Forum is a proven and effective transformation program which supplies the key to understanding how to live a truly empowered life.

The Elite Mentorship Forum is an all encompassing program, which has a way of providing exactly what it is you seek: whether financial security, absolute certainty, core strength, inner peace, unconditional love, better health, relationship assurance, emotional mastery, advanced learning techniques or simply a better way to be.

The Elite Mentorship Forum is unique and completely different to anything else available within the personal growth industry. The evident passion with which this innovative program was created by transformative coach Peter Sage, using his personal knowledge, learnings, and experience, comes across in every minute of every module. EMF creates a whole new dimension and understanding of how to create the results you want and covers topics that other programs don’t include and do not address.

Experience freedom and flow; find out how to create the best version of yourself with your like-minded peer group; embrace clarity, effortlessly unfold your potential, and be prepared to attract wealth, health and abundance.


The Elite Membership Forum Program covers everything needed to create long-lasting transformational change beyond what you ever thought possible.


EMF is for you if you wish to

  • Find freedom from financial worry and welcome wealth, health and abundance into your life
  • Wake up with a joyful readiness to welcome the day
  • Experience lasting, positive change in every aspect of your career and life
  • Secure unlimited supplies of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop and sustain new strong and uplifting behavioural habits to accomplish any life ambition
  • Hold infinite trust in yourself and your judgement as a leader
  • Be inspired and create a meaningful career that you want instead of the one you are currently living
  • Learn a mindful and positive approach for dealing with work-life crisis
  • Master control over your emotional reactions, so nothing can hurt or upset you
  • Say goodbye to procrastination and self-sabotage, and take your next step with complete certainty
  • Conquer barriers, worries and limitations that have been consistently holding you back
  • Master your mental, emotions and health so you are able to perform succinctly at any moment
  • Discover your greatest gift to attain meaningful purpose in your career and life
  • Experience freedom and flow to become the best version of yourself
  • Feel vibrant, loving and whole with no stress, limitations, or self-doubt

While EMF is available to everyone, it may not be suitable for all individuals. It is not for you, if you

  • Refuse to embrace the uncertainty around breaking the emotional patterns and beliefs which have been governing and controlling you
  • Are prepared to let self-sabotaging and procrastination persist
  • Wish to stay ‘safe’ in your comfort zone and not be prepared to expand it
  • Do not believe you can break perceived negative habits that do not serve you
  • Want to allow your ingrained patterns of behaviours to continue to run your life
  • Deny the initiative which brought you to this point of consideration
  • Accept the notion that you are not ‘worthy enough’ to invest in yourself
  • Maybe ask yourself, why you are here, reading this right now

Maybe ask yourself, why you are here, reading this right now?



PHASE 1 – Foundation and Reinvention (Weeks 1 – 8)

In Phase 1 we take a look at Reality, what it truly is, and how we fit into its picture; provide dynamic tools to help accelerate learning; present alternative views away from the norm with regard to our perception of money, wealth and abundance; take a deep dive to concentrate on uncovering the hidden beliefs, patterns of thinking and emotional blocks (both positive and negative) which are responsible for where you currently are; and finally master the four primary relationships in Life.

Modules 1-5:

  • Learn how the world really works (create more abundance in your life)
  • Accelerating your journey to mastery (achieve excellence faster)
  • ​Mastering emotions (instantly disarm negative emotions & never let them sabotage you again)​​​​​
  • Mastering the 4 primary relationships (with yourself, with time, with a higher power, and with others)

PHASE 2 – Purpose and Direction (Weeks 9 – 16)

Phase 2 covers how to ‘achieve the impossible’ by learning the fastest way to develop and access resources for powerful concentration; being authentic, what authenticity really means and how to benefit from new opportunities which will present themselves to you, effortlessly, when your true authentic self is present; identification of the key difference between people who succeed and those that don’t, in any area of life; reinventing goals using a potent and creative model unique to this course; identification of different parts of your personality and how to align and integrate them in a powerfully compelling way.

Modules 6-9:

  • The Power of Concentration (achieve the impossible by leveraging complete focus)
  • ​Authenticity (benefit from new opportunities presenting themselves effortlessly)
  • ​Goals Reinvented (make your goals work for you without frustration or wasted energy)
  • Multiple Personality Disorder (align & integrate your different parts of your personality in a powerfully compelling way)

PHASE 3 – Your Relationship with Life (Weeks 17 – 24)

The final phase allows you to: intentionally design, create, permanently rebuild and install your brand new upgraded psychology; clear up limiting thinking; comprehend what drives you from both conscious and sub-conscious levels, by redesigning your mindset from the ground up and replacing it with empowering new habits that will set you up to win every time; understand the advanced levels of consciousness to authoritatively map your journey; create your Legacy, by being in complete alignment and discovering your truest purpose.

Modules 10-13:

  • Dissecting your psychology (understand what drives you at the conscious and subconscious levels)
  • ​Permanently rebuild your psychology (redesign your mindset from the ground up)
  • ​Advanced ​​​​​​​levels of consciousness (understand the full 17 levels of consciousness that exist)
  • Creating your legacy (discover your True North and align with your truest purpose)


Initially I joined EMF to make a lasting positive transformation as I felt stuck in life and kept falling into the same old negative cycle. I saw one of Peter’s videos which resonated with me so much that I knew I had to give try this course. It’s given me so much focus and structure in life now and the only way is up.

The course itself is well structured with metaphors that resonate with everyone and Peter brings amazing energy to the modules that brings the information to life. Everything is so well explained.

Sabina and John have been fantastic throughout the whole course. Bringing so much positive energy and they have dived in deeper in the modules to explain certain aspects. They ask questions to help you think about things from a different perspective and they have done really well to guide me to where I am now.

I would recommend this course to everyone as there is something that will resonate with each individual. It is very enlightening and changes the way you perceive life day-to-day and also changes the way you perceive yourself. It is well worth the time and effort.

Thank you so much for this great experience!

Nimisha Kansara


Sabina is a great facilitator for the EMF. She is both extremely knowledgeable, very caring and very helpful. Along with John they have led a great cohort for the EMF. It was fun, challenging, and worth the time and investment. Especially due to the work of Sabina and John with the amazing framework of Zoom master Ravi.

Azam Tyab


I joined the EMF via the USM – and mostly based on a strong gut feeling. I needed to rebuild myself, to get rid of my persistent performance anxiety and gain some psychological weight. What I did get from the course, I could never have imagined. It became one of the most life transforming experiences I’ve had.

The EMF has truly transformed me into a better version of myself. I am comfortable living with myself, I am much more relaxed and happier as so many internal conflicts have been resolved – conflicts I was not even aware of. I have become a much more conscious and positive person. There’s no longer a need to compare myself to others, I don’t always have to have the last word or try to convince others that my view is the right one. I don’t resent or judge people like I used to, and realising that we are all on our individual journey through life at different stages, it’s ok for me and others to make mistakes. That’s how we learn. Nothing to forgive when my ego is calmed.

The EMF provides a lifetime foundation for growth. The more I watch Peter in his always inspiring video presentations, the more there is to learn. This is the best personal growth program I have ever come across. Adding to this is the wonderful quality that John and Sabina have provided with their insights and wisdom, their genuine feedback and constant willingness to offer more than we could ask for. A big thank you to both of them!

Would I recommend the EMF? Of course, I would. This is the greatest program for anybody who wants to consciously take charge of their life at a higher level of consciousness. It is a great tool to do a deep dive into your own psyche and do some major mental house cleaning to understand more of who you are, why you are here and where you are headed. All I can say, from the bottom of my heart, is “Go for it”! It is worth every hour of self reflection you put into it. Thank you so much!

Tove Fagerhoi




The EMF has 4 Learning Aspects, 3 Phases and 13 Modules


🏆 6+ Month Proven Transformation Program

🏆 13-Core EMF Modules with Subtitles

🏆 13-Group Q&A Calls with your EMF Trainers

🏆 13-Community Calls with your Peer Group

🏆 13-Module Workbook – yes, there is homework!

🏆 11-Part Pre-Study Straight Talk Course with Worksheets

🏆 High-level Peer Group creating Friends for Life

🏆 Accountability Partner/Buddy

🏆 Lifetime Access to a Closed Community Group

🏆 Lifetime Access to the Study Materials

🏆 Lifetime EMF Alumni Membership

🏆 100% Money Back Guarantee

🏆 Addon Bonus Programs




How to Get the Best Out of the Program? In this launch module Peter welcomes you to the programme and explains how to set yourself up to win. He explains the program and how we go deeper by using his famous 4-question framework: Why? What? How? And What if?

3 Weeks

How the World Actually Works!
Module 1 explains the proven principles for how reality (as we know it) is created and the true science behind it.

2 Weeks

Mastering the Journey to Mastery.
Develop a system that will guide you to elevated levels of learning and behaviour, creating a faster pathway to excellence in everything you do.

2 Weeks

Creating Powerful Prosperity.
Eradicate all limiting beliefs around money, and use these powerful principles and exercises to immediately start creating more abundance in your life.

2 Weeks

The Key to Living Life on Your Terms.
Mastery of emotional response is the key separator between those who live their life at ‘cause’ rather than ‘effect’. This module teaches specific techniques for instantly disarming negative emotions and the re-patterning of previous negative emotional triggers, so they can never sabotage you again.

2 Weeks

The Four Pathways to Greatness.
Most of our dysfunctional traits can be traced back to the Four Primary Relationships in Life. Learn how to have healthy, functional relationships in all four areas, with incredible insights never taught in formal education.


2 Weeks

Developing a Laser-Like Focus.
Learning to concentrate is the primary skill that underpins the most successful people in history, and allows us to focus on and achieve the impossible. Being able to bring your entire focus to one thing for an extended period of time separates those who lead versus those who follow. Master this one area and everything else shifts – massively!

2 Weeks

Discovering the Real You.
Authenticity is often found to be the biggest secret to living, as revealed to people at the end of their life. Learning how to live authentically is the fabric from which the cloth of Through-Me is woven. People, paths and opportunities present themselves effortlessly when one lives from a place that is authentic.

2 Weeks

A New Future is Always Available.
How goal setting is taught in most areas of traditional personal development guarantees frustration and wasted energy. Goals Reinvented is the most powerful set of insights and principles on goal setting ever assembled, and will change everything you thought you knew about achieving exactly what you want.

2 Weeks

Solving the Multiple Personality Puzzle.
Do you ever feel like there is more than one person living inside your head? Are there parts of you that you try to ignore? What if you could see and understand them energetically and have them work together rather than compete for who is running the show? This module peels back the layers to dig deep and align every part of you.


2 Weeks

Dissecting Your Psychology.
The road map that guides human beings to a life of joy or a life of stress, via their own personal psychology, is often shrouded in confusion and outdated models. Module 10 provides the understanding, once and for all, as to why you do what you do, both at a conscious and unconscious level and explains why, despite their best intentions, so many people are programmed for failure.

2 Weeks

Rebuilding Your Psychology.
Once you have understood the building blocks of your mind, and how they are wired together, it is time to rebuild. Designing your own mind from the ground up is one of the most permanently empowering feats you could ever accomplish.

2 Weeks

Exploring Advanced Levels of Consciousness.
Understanding is limited not to intelligence but to our level of consciousness. In Soul Path, Peter moves beyond his ‘4-Levels’ model into a deeper, advanced look at your consciousness as he guides you through the nuances spanning 16 different levels. Once you understand this module be prepared to be empowered in ways you could never have previously imagined.

2 Weeks

Living the Life You Were Born to Live!
Power flows to those who are living their mission. Getting in touch with your ‘True North’ and aligning your life to something bigger than ‘You’ is the conerstone to a life of passion, purpose and true fulfilment.



Peter Sage is a leading world authority on effective personal transformation and one of the most sought-after mentors and personal one-to-one coaches in the world today. He is listed in the 2023 Global Guru Top 30 in the World of Motivational Speakers.

He is one of the few qualified Trainers for Robbins Research International (as recognized by the Robbins-Madanes Institute) and worked alongside Tony Robbins at his events for over 15 years. Peter has an innate ability to understand people at a profoundly deep level.

His work identifies and helps shift both overt and unconscious patterns of limiting behaviour to create lasting change.

Committed to sharing his accrued 30 years of knowledge (having studied with top mentors such as Dan Pena, Dr Joe Dispenza, NASA Physicist Tom Campbell) Peter has created the EMF – described as probably the most modern, exciting, affordable, authentic, effective, refreshing, and valuable personal transformation program ever created.



Sabina was a seasoned HR practitioner in the hospitality industry with 28 years of in-depth and extensive experience across all HR verticals in the Asia Pacific & the Middle East.

She led three different regions, went through several mergers and acquisitions, and worked in a high-pressure environment with a heavy agenda of business excellence.

Having made her mark as a formidable HR leader in the division, she now plays a mentor’s role in strengthening potential hospitality leaders in her own network and in other organisations.

She immensely understands the mental and emotional state individuals go through during challenging times thus is driven to mentor people who struggle to succeed in their careers and personal development. Those who she has mentored and coached are thriving in their life pursuits, across a wide spectrum of positions, industries, and geographies.

She is among the first few in Southeast Asia to be certified as an Integral Coach with Integral Coaching Canada and Trainer with the HeartMath Institute, US. Today, she’s a Trainer with Peter Sage Academy. She is also a certified Brain-Based Leadership Coach with Neuroleadership Institute, US. She’s adept at a deeper understanding of human psychology that transcends the ordinary and average.

Christene is a devoted natural therapist with 30 years of experience helping individuals. Starting as a Training Officer for Argos Distributors Ltd in the UK, she later established her own business in New Zealand, “House of Oils,” after discovering that clients often required emotional and mental support alongside physical healing. 

Christene studied various modalities such as Co-Counselling, Progressive counselling, Reiki Healing, Bach Flower Remedies to better serve her clients. She also trained with Robbins-Madanes to become a Strategic Intervention Coach. & a Love and Authenticity Coach through Mandy Morris’ Authentic Living course.

Christene’s dedication to personal growth and development led her to attend UPW with Tony Robbins in Sydney in 2013, and she returned the following year as a volunteer for Tony on the Fire team walking the coals twice.  

Furthermore, Christene joined Peter Sage’s Ultimate Self Mastery program, becoming an Elite Mentorship Forum Trainer, helping numerous clients navigate life’s challenges. 

In addition to her professional work, Christene volunteers as Chairperson for the New Zealand Register of Holistic Aromatherapists and previously Massage New Zealand, and she recently spoke at The Aroma Summit in May 2023. 

Through her passion for helping individuals achieve authentic health and well-being, Christene supports her clients on their unique journeys to thrive and flourish.

Proof You Are Making The Best Decision Of Your Life………

Check out some of the success stories from our Elite Mentorship Forum Alumni…

“I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for Peter and his program. Just listening to him changed my life! In 1 month, I had massive changes in my life. My mindset, habits, beliefs, finally building the business that I have always wanted to build…, got over my limiting beliefs and fear of failure from previous failed attempts. I joined his EMF program as well, it’s been transformational and life-changing! I absolutely love all this! Best money you will invest for sure! If you’re on the fence, don’t think twice. You are worth it, you won’t regret it, your life will change and the return will be infinitely more than what you invest. You deserve an extraordinary life. Stop second-guessing. Do it now! Thank you Peter so much! I’m so grateful to you. All my love.”

Elsy Hernandez, Digital Creator, USA

Sabina is an INCREDIBLE trainer and coach! A true beacon of light and wisdom who has been instrumental to my personal growth journey. I particularly appreciate her integrated approach as mentor and guide within the EMF program: a combination of her detailed knowledge and experience paired with genuine spiritual wisdom and compassion. I also had the privilege of having her coach me (brilliantly!) 1:1 through a business conundrum, we unraveled together! Thank you, Sabina!

Myriam Hernandez, Law Professional & Life Coach, Puerto Rico

“I would not say that it works like a Magic Wand overnight to turnaround someone’s life. Nonetheless,a thorough immersion in the journey of Self Growth is what promises the real piquancy of life. And, my journey has been reincarnated through EMF’s exposure and embracing it in the remainder of my breathing span. Experience it yourself and Start becoming the Best Version of You.”

Rixim Bhanot, Accenture Outsourcing Specialist, India

Thank you. The moment of time, as brief as it was. In that moment, at that critical moment of my journey, your attention of time & intentions of Love towards my being to encourage my healing and help to clarify my thinking is astronomical. I will never forget that you gave part of yourself to me. And that you are part of my seven years clean and sober.”


Within the Elite Mentorship forum, you are GIFTED with community managers. I say gifted because I genuinely feel that this was the case. Christene, from day one, was a true pleasure to have as my community manager on our weekly calls. She showed enthusiasm, love, gratitude and compassion to everyone in the group. She always managed to sense when I wasn’t quite myself, and that’s when the private messages of support would fire my way. I believe whoever has the opportunity to work with Christene within one of her Cohorts will feel like they have hit the jackpot. Christene doesn’t hold back in admitting that each day is a new day of personal growth for her and always tells us how inspired she is to learn from our stories. I’m so happy that Christene will be a friend for life and honoured that she is now a part of my family. Thank you so much, Christene. I’m forever grateful.” 

Michelle Payne

“For anyone considering whether to go through EMF with Christene as your EMT, do not hesitate. Christene will be your champion, your guide, and your best advocate. She listens with her heart and genuinely cares about everyone she works with. She is very giving of her energy, her understanding, and her passion. Christene has hosted the Community calls, with Sue, during EMF 16. She regularly posts on Facebook timely experiences and insights about the material that helps us reach new levels. During the calls, she has shared her ups, her downs, her vulnerability, and her successes throughout the process, which helps others feel safe to share theirs. Everyone benefits from this kind of authentic and honest communication. I have enjoyed getting to know Christene very much. Having Christene as your EMT will be a blessing in your life. Godspeed with your journey and transformations!” 

Kathy Singer


What is EMF?

The Elite Mentorship Forum is a proven and effective transformation program which supplies the key to understanding how to live a truly empowered life.

It is an all-encompassing program, which has a way of providing exactly what it is you are seeking (whether you know it or not). It could be financial security, absolute certainty, core strength, inner peace, unconditional love, better health, relationship assurance, emotional mastery, advanced learning techniques or simply a better way to be.

Who is Peter Sage?

Peter Sage is a leading world authority on effective personal transformation and one of the most  sought-after mentors and personal one-to-one coaches in the world today.

He is one of the few qualified Trainers for Robbins Research International (as recognised by the Robbins-Madanes Institute) and worked alongside Tony Robbins at his events for over 15 years.

Peter has an innate ability to understand people at a profoundly deep level. His work identifies and  helps shift both overt and unconscious patterns of limiting behaviour, to create lasting change.

A student first and teacher second, Peter has spent 30+ years studying with top mentors (e.g. Dan Peña, Dr. Joe Dispenza, NASA Physicist Tom Campbell). The result of his lifetime’s work, EMF is one of the most refreshing, modern, exciting, effective, valuable, and affordable personal transformation programs ever created.

Who is this program for?

This program truly is for everyone. That may seem like a big claim. However, Peter created this program based on his 30+ years of study, experience and acquired knowledge of human behaviour and what makes us tick. We all have individual desires and needs, and these are addressed throughout the modules. Based on the extensive inside knowledge of how the self-development industry works, he consciously created the content needed to concentrate on those areas that each of us could be missing in our life. Through completing this program your personal needs will be met in every way – even if you do not yet know exactly what they are.

Is this a business skills course?

This is a transformative personal growth program that sets you up for every area in your life which includes business. Many of the tools provided come from Peter’s experience of creating, building, and selling businesses over a lifetime of entrepreneurship. His path through business-building, learning and harnessing the skills needed to succeed, are demonstrated and taught throughout this program. If you are looking to upgrade your business skills this program is definitely for you.

What exactly EMF will do for me?

Like any other program, results received are dependent on the amount of work and contribution put in. (We don’t get fit by having a gym membership – we have to show up at the gym and actively and consciously put in the time and effort.) With the correct mindset and the support not only of your Personal Trainer, but also the rest of your peer group, changes in mindset  have been experienced from the first module. As each ‘phase’ is, on average, 8 weeks, the first major shift starts by the end of the first phase.

What is the structure and duration of the program?

The EMF comprises 3 Phases with a total of 13 Modules over a period of 27 weeks. The modules are released every two weeks and the majority include three components:

Core Study: Module video delivered by Peter, with linked exercises from the module and in the workbook;

Bonus Material: Extra information to complement the module which is your choice to do or not;

Recommendations: Books, Movies and Extra resources relevant and supplementary to the learning.

Each Module has a linked live Community and Q & A Calls that are led by us. These are normally alternate weeks and generally last 60 to 90 minutes.

I work long hours, exactly how much time should I set aside each week?

You will be required to spend a minimum of 3-4 hours per week. And many EMF graduates have found that one of the benefits of the program is that it has helped them understand there is no necessity to work long hours (truly!). So set aside as much time as you can possibly dedicate, as like anything, the more time you can put in, the more you will get out of it.

One extremely powerful point about EMF is that the program has been designed to ensure the fastest results in the shortest achievable time. People want results, and as long as work is done, the results are delivered.

Can I ask questions during the calls?

For the regular Q&A calls run by us as your facilitators, you are actively encouraged to post your questions. The more questions asked, the more learning for the whole peer group. Ask away!

What happens if I can’t attend a Live call?

You are encouraged to attend all Live calls as much as possible. It is primary in creating a cohesive peer group and safe space for all. Of course it may not always be possible to attend, which is why all calls are recorded and made available through a portal.

Will there be access to the modules after the program is completed?

The program includes lifelong access to all the modules PLUS membership into the EMF Alumni. Here you can connect with the larger EMF peer group – forever.

Who is the Trainer?

We are the facilitators that have been personally selected by Peter and his team. We are qualified Elite Mentorship Trainers (EMT) that have gone through an intensive EMF Trainer’s course, and are trained in every aspect of delivering the EMF program.

Where can I find more Testimonials and Reviews on EMF?
  • Click here to go to Trustpilot: Peter Sage to see recent reviews from EMF participants.
  • Click here to go to Trustpilot: Christene Loweth to see reviews from EMF participans


Only 20 Spots Available

New Program Start Date : Saturday, 24th June 2023

Here’s what you will get!

Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) 6-Month Proven Transformational Program 

13 core EMF modules over 3 phases giving you a proven scientific process so that you can live in the “through me” level of consciousness where you rule your reality, learn how to attract from the quantum field anything you want in life, and have it show up externally consistently and predictably.

USD9,997 value

Private Peer Group

As Peter says, Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) is his family and there is no faster way to upgrade your life than to upgrade your environment! Join a close knit group of like minded people all with the mission of raising global consciousness and at the same time creating a life they love every single day!

Absolutely priceless!

Group Facilitation With Sabina & Christene

You get 6 months of group facilitation with Sabina & Christene.

Weekly Calls 

Quarterly Check Ins 

USD11,999 value

Lifetime Alumni Benefits

Once you are in our EMF community and Peter’s peer group, you are family for life!

Always first-in-line for special events & offers including cruises, festivals, retreats and meet-ups!

Lifetime access to the private community

Lifetime access to all study materials and recordings

USD3,564 value

Unlock your bonuses!

Bonus 1

Heart Math Workshop

USD800 Value

Bonus 2


Inside Track Book

Author – Peter Sage

Bonus 3


Personal Assessment



Yours for a TOTAL INVESTMENT of just USD2,500 if you book now, this early bird offer is only available for the first 10 people who successfully sign-up.


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