Hello, I’m Sabina.

I’m passionate about helping leaders & professionals to transform from within by developing personal resilience and nurturing inner capacities and capabilities to achieve balance, meaningful, and fulfilling careers and life.

Who Am I

Sabina was a seasoned HR practitioner in the hospitality industry with 28 years of extensive and in-depth experience covering all HR verticals across Asia Pacific & the Middle East. She led three regions, oversaw several mergers and acquisitions, and worked in a high-pressure, business excellence-driven environment.

She offers Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF), Transformational Coaching and Heart Math – Resilience Advantage™@Work Workshop for business leaders.

Her skills and abilities help leaders build personal resilience, explore their purpose, and nurture their inner capabilities. In turn, they gain deeper insights into themselves, discover untapped potential, and become fuller, freer and more fulfilled.


How Do I Add Value?

Here’s How Transform From Within Programmes will Help You

Equip you with the necessary understanding and resources to be a more resilient person

Expand your self-awareness and perspectives in approaching challenging situations

Nurture your self-power, inner strengths, capacities and capabilities

To recover, adapt and grow

Help you to unlearn old habits, dis-identify from them and integrate new capabilities to achieve long term compelling transformational change

Lead a more balanced, fulfilled and meaningful careers and life

What to Expect from Me?

With me, it will be an insightful and prosperous journey that encourages reflection, illuminates aspects of your current way and new way in the practices and exercises – “Include and Transcend Development” to achieve deep-rooted and long-lasting change in you.

I use the blended approach of the Integral Theory Model with Psychology tools and techniques to help you recover and bounce back with self-power, self-discipline and stronger inner strengths.

Using the comprehensive approach of the Integral Model that is whole, complete and integrated, you will obtain multiple perspectives that will expand your worldviews and skills. This approach will allow individuals to focus on developing resilient capabilities in specific areas that matter most. Therefore, emerge with greater resilience, on-going wellness, on-going spaciousness, on-going awareness, to whatever arising in your life.

Clients have told me; as a result, they’ve discovered more significant insights of themselves, the liberation of their unrealised potentials, and embody a fuller, freer, and more capable person.


+6016 603 5186 (Malaysia)


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